What is Nattou?

iNattou™ is based on the traditional Japanese food "nattou" which is made from fermented soy beans. It is known for its strong smell and sticky texture. Nattou is high in protein and vitamins, particularly vitamin PQQ and Vitamin K. How’s the smell? How’s the taste? Well, that depends on whom you ask. Some people love it while others find it hard to be around. When it comes to the sticky texture and the experience of mixing and eating nattou, there is nothing quite like it.

Enjoy a digital taste of the unique nattou experience with iNattou™


iNattou News & Reviews

5/1/10 iNattou was featured as a recommended app on nationwide TV in Japan on the show 『王様のブランチ』( "King's Brunch") on TBS
5/1/10 iNattou has reached #7 on the Japanese Top Paid Entertainment Apps on the App Store!
4/1/10 iNattou creator Snowy Penguin has released a new app "ABC Animal Spin" for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the new iPad! Children learn the English alphabet through the sights and sounds of the letters and animals. Includes the "ABC Animal Spin" song!
3/16/10 iNattou has reached #14 on the Japanese Top Paid Entertainment Apps on the App Store!
1/23/10 iNattou has been featured in "iPhone Magazine vol.0" in Japan. Available throughout Japan from today! Check out the magazine's website page for iNattou.
10/14/09 iNattou is climbing its way up the Japanese Top Paid Entertainment Apps ranking - at #34 as of this writing. Thank you to everyone that has supported iNattou with their purchase! Please continue to enjoy the iNattou experience!
10/13/09 AppBank has written a great review of iNattou including a walkthrough of the app and gameplay video. Please check out their site.
10/08/09 Mac Treasure Tracing Club has listed iNattou as one of its recommended iPhone Apps for the day.
10/06/09 iNattou is now available on the App Store and has made it to the Top 100 Paid Entertainment Apps in Japan on its release day. Thank You!


iNattou is available on the App Store.


iNattou is a Snowy Penguin Production


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ABC Animal Spin

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