iNattou includes "Eat" mode a simulated experience of preparing and eating nattou from start to finish - from opening the package, mixing through multiple levels of stickiness, adding sauces, serving over rice, and eating.



iNattou includes these nattou based mini games:

*** Memory Mix ***
Can you follow the mix? See if you can memorize the increasing series of mixing instructions.

*** Stop Nattou Go ***
Obey the light! Advance as far as you can on a green light, but don't get caught mixing on a red light. Three strikes and you're out!

*** Time Trial ***
How fast can you mix it? Try for the fastest mixing time.

*** Retro Nattou ***
This nattou prefers reliving its past! If you're not fast enough this nattou will unmix itself.

*** Unmix ***
Try it in reverse: unmix it!



Keep track of your total nattou experience with the game play stats. The number of packages eaten in the eat sim, mix levels advanced, and total mixing effort through all plays are saved. How high of a mix score can you get?


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